Campaign toolkit

Press conference

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

A press conference serves to communicate important news (e.g. launch the campaign) connected with an organisation or company and involves the participation of journalists and representatives of the company/organisation. The event offers journalists an interactive forum to find out about your organisation and campaign.


  • Allows you to provide journalists with much more information than via press release and
  • Gives journalists the opportunity to ask questions and set up interviews.


  • Organising a press conference may involve considerable costs (renting a venue, etc).

Planning your press conference

Plan in advance and consider the following:

  • Think in advance about practical issues such as location and resources (desk, podium, speakers, microphones, etc.)
  • Know what you want to announce
  • Know who you want to involve in order to add weight and credibility to your message. Someone from your organisation should be among the speakers, possibly a senior, high ranking spokesperson.
  • Prepare a list of questions & answers for your speakers
  • Prepare all handouts in advance: press kits, gifts, etc. Don’t leave this to the last minute!


  • Allocate one hour and allow two or three key speakers
  • Press conferences in the morning or early afternoon are most effective. Journalists tend to file their stories in the evening and won’t afford the time to come to a press conference.
  • Avoid having a press conference on a Friday as some newspapers will have a different news cycle over the weekend.

Sending the invitation

You can send a ‘save the date’ message to the selected media early on, possibly two weeks prior to the conference, but send the proper invitation a week beforehand, and a quick reminder the day before.