Campaign toolkit

Media partnership

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

An exclusive cooperation between your organisation and selected media that brings mutually beneficial publicity.


  • Setting up a media partnership can add credibility to both your and your media partner’s efforts, by way of a ‘third party endorsement’.
  • Media partnerships are also a good solution for organisations with a low campaign budget.
  • For example, a publication within a media partnership contract is more likely to publish your news and articles and you can benefit from their readership.


  • The media may get many offers of partnership. Therefore it is important to have a good proposal for your potential partner so that your offer would be worthwhile. Put more emphasis on what the partner may get out of it and what would be the added value of this partnership.

Who you should approach

First think carefully about which media outlet is most likely to help deliver your message most effectively and plan your approach carefully. For example, if your campaign has a highly visual element, look for a TV partner.

What to offer

  • Think about what you could offer to the partner – and what you’d want in return.
  • Below find a few examples of what you can offer:
    • Exclusivity of content materials (surveys, researches, pictures, videos)
    • Exclusive interview with a leader of your organisation.
    • Exposition of the partner'spromotion materials of during conferences/fares.
  • You cam also include the partner’s logo in your promotion materials and websites.

What can you ask in return?

  • A series of articles or an interview.
  • Radio/TV programme devoted to your campaign.
  • Placing your materials on your media partner’s website.

Finalising the agreement

When the idea is agreed, make sure that you:

  • Set out a written agreement that states what you each expect from the partnership
  • Assign responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the partnership.