Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

Medium to large organisations.

What is it?

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded or played online. Usually driven by dialogue, podcasts are a powerful way to get your campaign message out to an impressive number of listeners across Europe and beyond.


  • Through podcasts, organisations can successfully increase their outreach and further engage with an audience interested in selected themes. Podcasts can also boost website content and traffic and provide captivating content for social media.

When to use it?

• To diversify organisations’ media products. • To boost the visibility of themes of particular importance. • To increase organisations’ engagement and to reach new audiences. • To spread information on a specific topic.

How could it be used?

Podcasts are a useful tool for digging deeper into topics of particular interest and related to the purposes and area of interest of each organisation. It is essential to dedicate to podcasts a specific section on the website, in order to make the content easily available. Moreover, to get the most out of your podcast don’t forget to promote it through your social media!

How to get the most out of your Podcast

• Be consistent! Podcast episodes should be released regularly. • Select topics consistent with the organisations’ mandate and area of interest. • Keep always in mind your target audience! • Bring guests to the podcast as it offers a richer experience for listeners.