Campaign toolkit

Outdoor advertising

Suitable for:

Larger organisations with higher financial resources.

What is it?

Outdoor advertising includes various types of promotional displays, from roadside billboards to transit posters and arena placement, all geared towards communicating a message to the public on a large scale.


  • Strategically placed outdoor advertising guarantees substantial exposure for very little investment. This makes outdoor advertising very cost-effective.


  • These campaigns are usually expensive.

Planning the advertising campaign

  • When you plan the media take into consideration:
    • Are you targeting professionals or general public?
    • Do your target group is likely to take public transportation or would they most likely drive to work?
  • Develop a map of the target city/cities with strategic points.
  • Remember that it’s better to have fewer placements that are strategically located and very visible, than a huge number of billboards that are too small and poorly situated to reach your target audience effectively.

Message and images

  • What most people will notice is the image, and the tag line. Don’t waste space with lots of text, as people won’t read it.
  • The image you choose needs to be arresting enough for people to stop and notice it.
  • Your message should be immediately clear to all and should register quickly. Don’t go for complicated metaphors.
  • Add a 'call to action'.
  • Your message should be brief and provocative.
  • Make sure you use a large enough font that can be read at a distance, and while the person is moving.
  • Remember that Less Is More: straightforward, focused ads are more impactful.
  • If the subject allows, include humour in your ads.

Include contact details

As with other ad formats, don’t forget to add your contact details such as phone numbers and websites where people can get more information.

Digital advertising

  • It is also possible to have digital outdoor advertising. This is more likely to get the viewer’s attention.
  • But bear in mind the costs are very high, so it might not be cost effective for a non-profit campaign.