Campaign toolkit

Online advertising

Suitable for:

Medium to large organisations.

What is it?

On-line advertising includes a wide range of tools, e.g. websites, web banners, pop-up banners, social media adverts, newsletters, virals and spots posted online. Most of these are described elsewhere in this toolkit.


  • Online advertising is now the most popular and developing branch of advertising.
  • It offers you a wide range of tools. Some of them you can use for free (e.g. social media).


  • If you opt for more complex online adverts you may raise the costs of a campaign.
  • If you consider preparing online adverts (especially interactive pop-up adverts), ask professionals for assistance.
  • Bear in mind the rules that apply to outdoor and print advertising.

Formatting your advert

  • Be concise.
  • Use striking pictures and slogans.
  • Don’t forget about your logo.

Track its success

Use statistical solutions, for example Google Analytics or Matomo, to track the number and behaviour of visitors to your ads.