Campaign toolkit

Deciding objectives

Before you develop the specific message of your campaign, and the necessary supporting arguments, you need to have a clear goal in mind.

Having a clear goal will help you to:

  • formulate a better message
  • structure your campaign
  • allow you to check how successful your efforts have been after the campaign.

Keep your goal fairly specific and realistic, taking into account the resources you have available. Here are some parameters that might help you establish your objective:

  • Media coverage — ‘I’d like my campaign to be published in the key OSH titles in my country’.
  • Change of behaviour among target audience — ‘I’d like to encourage my employees to wear safety protection at all times’.
  • Number of people reached by campaign — ‘I’d like to attract 500 Facebook fans’.

Once you decide on your objectives, you can then determine how best to achieve them.

Deciding objectives