Campaign toolkit

Stock shots

Suitable for:

Larger organisations with higher financial resources.

What is it?

Stock shots are supporting footage comprising archived footage or newly shot material that can be used to illustrate a topic. It is semi-edited and in broadcast quality without any voice-overs. Stock shots are used to explain your organisation’s main priorities and activities.


  • It’s cheaper to produce than for example a video news-release.
  • You can prepare it using in-house resources.


  • If you don’t have a cameraman or equipment in your company you will have to engage external resources which can be costly.

Putting the stock shots together

  • Stock shots can be between 15 and 60 minutes long. They are primarily aimed at AV media professionals who can use the footage to edit news reports, for example.
  • The material should encourage TV broadcasters to use it for reprocessing, but like A- and B- roll, a news 'hook' is necessary.
  • The shots should be of high-quality and resolution to integrate seamlessly into other material and footage.