Campaign toolkit

News package

Suitable for:

Larger organisations with higher financial resources.

What is it?

A-roll: Edited AV material which captures the most important interviews/scenes with narrated audio tracks. B-roll: Back-up AV material with general shots and interviews without a narrated audio track but with atmospheric sound. TV broadcasters can insert their own voice-over onto parts of the provided B-roll material. Generally, both A- and B-roll packages contain 15 minutes of semi-edited AV material showing highlights of an event, including established shots and sound bites. This provides TV broadcasters with suitable AV material to accompany a topical news report.


  • With the help of a professional you can create great material that may be used for different


  • If you want to have professional material, you have to foresee a relatively large budget.

How to develop A- and B- roll?

  • You should ask a PR/communications agency to help you select the most high value events for media use. For example, press conferences. This agency will provide:
    • Professional staff
    • Cameramen
    • Sound assistants
    • Producers/TV journalists.
  • The material should encourage TV broadcasters to use it for reprocessing but key to encouraging this re-use is ensuring that there is a news 'hook'.
  • After the event, the PR agency should also monitor and evaluate the broadcasting of the news package.