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Who has to be involved in promoting a sustainable working life?

For effective occupational safety and health management, everyone — employers, managers and workers — must be on board. This is particularly important when it comes to dangerous substances, as neglecting the risks will have serious direct consequences for worker health and business survival.

  • Employers are legally obliged to carry out risk assessments to identify all potential hazards associated with dangerous substances. They must ensure that risks are managed based on a hierarchy of prevention measures.
  • Managers should motivate workers to get involved. They should ensure that workers receive regular training and easy-to-use resources.
  • Workers should understand the potential risks, be well informed of any preventive measures, feel comfortable voicing concerns and be encouraged to actively participate in finding solutions.

Establishing a prevention culture is key. Through strong leadership and commitment to occupational safety and health, employers and managers can create a working environment that encourages everyone to take safety and health seriously and cooperate in identifying and tackling risks.