Campaign toolkit

Seize opportunities

To further spread your campaign message, seize individual opportunities that may open up for you.

This could include:

  • a photo opportunity for the press
  • a radio phone-in on your occupational safety and health issue
  • writing and placing feature articles in magazines and journals (for example on personnel management, on in trade and safety journals)
  • suggesting a TV documentary to a TV company — they will want to know about the real-life experiences of workers and be interested in experts willing to speak to the camera.
  • sending a letter to the paper, for example following a reported workplace accident related to the topic of your campaign.

Human interest

  • The press and media generally want a human-interest angle. They will want statistics of accidents backed up by real-life victims or their relatives.
  • Testimonies and/or photos of victims may be needed for press releases, videos, advertisements and interviews. Makers of TV documentaries will want people willing to talk to the camera.
  • Non-governmental health-related pressure groups and trade unions can be sources of contacts.
Seize opportunities