Sofidel interviews EU-OSHA´s Dietmar Elsler on the Healthy Workplaces campaign

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Sofidel, an Official Campaign Partner, has interviewed Dr Dietmar Elsler, Senior Research Project Manager at EU-OSHA, in its Future magazine about our work in promoting safe and healthy workplaces across Europe, and about the 2023-25 campaign: Safe and healthy work in the digital age.  

In the interview, Elsler explains that 175 000 people die each year in Europe from work-related causes and that Healthy Workplaces Campaigns are vital to raise awareness of safety and health at work. The latest campaign focuses on the impact of digitalisation, ensuring a human-centred approach to managing digital technologies in the workplace.

As an Official Campaign Partner, Sofidel strongly supports the campaign and acts as a multiplier, as a role model in its region and industry for the supply chain. Elsler believes that if Sofidel sets a good example, it will also influence its supply chain and treat it responsibly, in terms of safety and health.

Watch the interview.