Partnership application

Basic Requirements

Before starting to complete your Application Form, please read the text below carefully and confirm that your organisation complies with all the basic requirements for becoming an official campaign partner. Please note that if you do not comply with all of them, you will not be able to participate in the recruitment process:

  • You are an international or European organisation or company with representation and/or network members in several EU Member States (at least three).
  • You are willing to get substantially involved in the campaign:
    • by organising one campaign-related activity (e.g. conference, seminar, workshop or training course);
    • by giving visibility to the campaign on your corporate website and social media channels;
    • by distributing information about the campaign within your organisation or company and/or among your network partners and supply chain (if relevant);


    • by encouraging cooperation between your national network partners or subsidiaries and EU-OSHA’s network of national focal points (if relevant).
  • You will actively promote the strategic objectives of the campaign and not act against their spirit.
  • You will act in line with the legal and policy objectives of the European Union, as expressed in the Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027
  • You will use the name, slogan and logo of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign to support the campaign and not in any manner, which suggests a direct product and services endorsement by EU-OSHA.
  • You will nominate in your organisation a main contact person for the campaign, who has a back-up and professional working knowledge of English.
  • You will report to EU-OSHA on your campaign-related activities at least once a year.
I agree with all the requirements
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About your organisation

About your organisation

Please select from the list at least three European countries where your Organisation is active.
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Please note that your Organisation should be an international or European Organisation with representation and/or network of members in several EU Member States.
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About your CEO

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About your involvement

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About your Main Contact

About your Main Contact Person

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