Implications of new technologies for OSH professionals: A blog by IOSH

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IOSH Head of Advice and Practice, Duncan Spencer CFIOSH, looks at the implications of new technologies for occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals.

Traditionally, the OSH professional has been risk-led and evidence-driven in their approach to safety. The discipline has asserted tight control strategies to minimise variability in the workplace and the conditions employees work in. We pride ourselves in showing a logical thought train: task, hazard, reasonably foreseeable accident, and then the controls needed to reduce the likelihood of that accident occurring. It’s been our logic for 30 years or more.

But these are changing times, particularly in terms of technological development. It seems almost every week that a new, cutting-edge technology arrives – be it digital twinning, quantum computing, hyper- , or nanobots. (Feel free to look up their meanings!) The truth is that technological and digital revolution is not going to go away, nor is it likely to slow down.

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