HSE+ engages Italian readers on the new campaign and digital platform work


One of the newest additions to the network of media partners, HSE+ based in Italy, has recently brought attention to the 2023-25 Healthy Workplaces Campaign ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ through several articles in their online newspaper.

One of the features, aligning with Digital platform work, the first priority area of the campaign, dives into a case study on the occupational safety and health (OSH) risks associated with online content review work facilitated through digital labour platforms. This type of work, propelled by technological advancements and the proliferation of social networking channels, entails reviewing user-generated content to ensure its compliance with legal standards, which can impose significant stress and physical and emotional strain. The article highlights the lack of robust OSH risk management measures by digital labour platforms as well as potential preventive strategies and mitigation efforts, as examined in the case study.  

Another media item offers wider background information on the Healthy Workplaces Campaigns. It underlines the main messages, the extensive partner network, and accompanying initiatives such as the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards (the call for entries is currently ongoing) and the Healthy Workplaces Film Award, both integral components of every campaign. Regarding the current edition focusing on digitalisation and OSH, the article outlines its primary objectives, structural framework, and available resources, including those accessible in Italian.  

Read more about the campaign and other safety and health at work news published by the HSE+ editorial team on their website.