Discover Finnish Well-being from Digitalization of Work -video series

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The emblem of the 'Well-being from Digitalization' video series.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is producing a video series called “Well-being from Digitalization of Work” as part of the Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age 2023-2025 Campaign. In these videos, researchers talk about the campaign's five main themes. The aim is to make people more aware of the challenges and opportunities in the digital age for occupational health, safety, and productivity.

In this video, researcher Jere Immonen answers three questions about :

  • What is ‘digital platform work’? 
  • Does it provide freedom of choice to workers, or make work more uncertain? 
  • How can we ensure that digital platform work is fair?

See the full video in Finnish at FIOH's national campaign site:Digitaalinen alustatyö | Työterveyslaitos (