National Focal Points




Mission Statement

The focal points in each country are extending the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work to the Member States and the EFTA states.

Sharing of information and knowledge, to the stakeholders, from the Agency to help the states to promote the Agency’s products and information.
The main task is to give information service of strategic news on occupational safety and health campaigns like “The European Week” and activities organised by the Agency.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is a network organisation, with a ''focal point'' in each Member State, as well as in European Free Trade Association (EFTA) States and candidate and potential candidate countries. This enables EU-OSHA to be more successful in the creation of healthier, safer, and more productive workplaces by permitting a greater sharing of information.
Nominated by each government as EU-OSHA’s official representative in that country, the focal points are typically the competent national authority for safety and health at work and are primary contributors to the implementation of the EU-OSHA’s work programmes.
Each focal point manages its own tripartite network comprising of government bodies and representatives from worker and employer organisations. This network provides input to the EU-OSHA’s work and the mechanism to disseminate products and information to national stakeholders. In addition, the focal points are active in the planning and implementation of EU-OSHA campaigns as well as nominating national experts to the agency’s groups and seminars.