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Occupational Health and Safety Authority



Mission Statement

'Working with others to ensure healthier and safer workplaces in Malta' The OHSA mission is concise and direct: ‘Working with others’ means that in fulfilling its role, OHSA collaborates with, and involves other stakeholders (e.g. persons, employers, workers, constituted bodies, international organisations) in order to gather feedback on policies, generate commitment and obtain consensus - the OHSA does not want to be seen strictly as a controlling regulatory body.
The only way by which health and safety in the workplace will improve, is if the process is self-regulating i.e. the employers themselves recognise that it is in their best interests to provide their workforce with a healthy and safe environment, while workers understand the need to cooperate with their employer in the preventive and protective measures that are required to be taken.

In its capacity as the local Focal Point for the European Agency for Safety and Health (EU-OSHA), OHSA – Malta actively participates in all those European initiatives and campaigns which are of relevance to Malta. Some of the main activities in which OHSA-Malta participated actively were the introduction of the Online Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool, the Safe Maintenance Campaign in 2012, the Working Together for Risk Prevention Campaign in 2012, and the promotion of the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER). Furthermore, OHSA – Malta tries to make full use of the resources normally made available by EU-OHSA for the organization of country-specific activities.

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