National Focal Points

Ministère du Travail



Mission Statement

The French focal point is the official representative of the French government. It supports EU-OSHA’s initiatives with information and feedback, and works with national networks including government, workers' and employers' representatives. The french focal point coordinates the labor policies and supervises the agency contributing to the Healthy Workplaces campaign, managing national websites and nominating representatives to the Expert Groups. Its main objective is to improve the quality of employment and labor relations. Furthermore, the Ministry has to communicate and enforce workplace rules in France.

The French focal point :
- informs the network members about EU-OSHA’s activities in order to allow them to make an inventory of the Agency’s documents and disseminate them
- distributes publications and press releases to the network members
- reinforces relationships between the OSHA and the national level by involving members of the bureau of the Agency in the national Focal point network
- involves in the national focal point network the experts groups’ members appointed by the focal point
- organizes at least two meetings per year of the focal point network
- ensures the promotion of the Agency and its achievements on the national level.