Official Campaign Partners

Johnson Electric

Mission Statement

Johnson Electric Group is a global leader in the supply of precision motors, motion subsystems and related electromechanical components to virtually every industry that seeks to make people’s lives more comfortable, safer and healthier, including the mobility industry and other industrial and consumer product sectors. – Our Purpose in to improve the quality of life of everyone we touch through our innovative motion systems

Our campaign pledge

We are committed to endorsing the EU-OSHA 2023-25 Healthy Workplaces campaign by evaluating the effects and potential risks associated with "Safe and healthy work in the digital age" and the campaign's five primary focus areas. We will run risk assessments, promote awareness, provide training, and organize events to effectively work on and communicate the campaign's messages across all of our global locations.




One of Johnson Electric promises is to inspire our employees to grow, act with ownership and find fulfillment and meaning in the work they do. Fulfilling this promise starts with our strong commitment to ensuring employees’ safety, health, and wellbeing, through constant awareness, proactive learning, and strong actions. At a time when artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics are becoming increasingly prevalent, the EU-OSHA 2023-25 Healthy Workplaces campaign "Safe and healthy work in the digital age" is perfectly timed for us to collaborate in tackling the effects of these new digital technologies on work and the workplace.