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Inspektorati Shteteror i Punes dhe Sherbimeve Shoqerore



Mission Statement

The overall mission of SLISS is controlling, finding, counseling, advising, training, conflict mitigation, prevention and sanctioning.
State Labour Inspectorate is responsible to:
a. Ensure the implementation of legal provisions on working conditions and protection of employees in the exercise of their profession, duration of employment, wages, safety, hygiene and well-being, employment of children and women as well as other matters that are closely related them;
b. Provide information and technical advice for employers and employees; and
c. Alert the responsible authorities for shortcomings and abuses specifically covered by legal provisions in force, and propose tools and instruments needed to improve the situation.

The mission of SLISS is:
A guarantee to preserve the social peace and to ensure the stability for the labor market, an important factor and irreplaceable in the development and consolidation of the market economy.

SLISS main goal is the protection of employees and to create a decent work.