National Focal Points

Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho



Mission Statement

The Portuguese Focal Point is administered by ACT – Authority for Working Conditions under the direct administration of the State Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security but endowed with administrative autonomy in all the mainland territory.
The ACT’s main mission is to promote the improvement of working conditions, by promoting the policies on the prevention of occupational hazards and controlling the compliance with the labour standards and the laws concerning the health and safety at work in all the private activity sectors.
As a tripartite body, ACT works with social partners (present at the Advisory Council) to facilitate sharing of best practice in OSH and to promote the European Campaigns.

Portuguese FOP coordinates the national activities of the Agency, namely the national campaigns, collects and disseminates information, collaborates in formulating and implementing the plan of the Agency. Manages the national network that includes social partners, the technical and scientific community, the educational community, enterprises, local entities and others.