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Editor in chief: Margherita ROIATTI

Our contribution

Actively promote the strategic objectives of the campaign and not acting against their spirit. This will be done mainly (1) through the use of social media (especially Twitter via @ADAPT_Bulletin; @ADAPT_EOSH) to disseminate the publications and information materials produced by EU-OSHA and through their inclusion in ADAPT's international newsletter (ADAPT International Bulletin), which contains an ad hoc section for thematic resources in the field of occupational health and safety; (2) in the context of research project co-funded by the European Commission (namely under the Horizon Europe and SOCPL programmes) where deemed appropriate considering projects' themes fields close to the campaign theme; (3) Through the didactic insights addressed by the ADAPT-University of Siena Doctoral School.
Share with EU-OSHA and its network events organised/co-organised by ADAPT that will address the campaign theme-

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