Official Campaign Partners

Federation of Occupational Health Nurses within the European Union

Mission Statement

The Mission of FOHNEU is to consolidate and represent the voice of Occupational Health Nursing within the EU in order to promote the Health, Safety and Well-Being of the European Workforce.

Our campaign pledge

FOHNEU is a non profit making organisation representing the largest single group of professionals in the field of occupational health. Through our wide network we expect a very positive interest in our involvement in this new Campaign. Occupational health nurses have direct access to the workforce and management. Because of their direct contact with workers, nurses are in a unique position to play a vital role in maintaining and promoting their health. With this campaign, we therefore aim to raise awareness, share knowledge and best practices with workers and employers, and support EU-OSHA in promoting a safe and healthy working environment.

Henriett HIRDI

Henriett HIRDI


Globally, digital technologies are having an increasing impact on work and workplaces, as well as related occupational safety and health. While the technological solutions are advanced and the application areas are large, comprehensive implementation and the creation of a safe and healthy work environment remain a challenge. The purpose of occupational health nursing is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of workers. Nurses are able to monitor the impact of digitalization on employees' work activities, health and psychological wellbeing, and employees' work-life balance.
In our view, the key to successful digitization lies in facilitating co-creation with nurses and other health and safety professionals. We are honored to be the official partners of this new campaign.