Irish media partner ‘Health & Safety Review’ analyses the changes that digitalisation brings to the workplace

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An article by Health & Safety Review examines the occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges and opportunities introduced by digital technologies in the workplace. It features insights from OSH professionals across various sectors, including industrial automation, IT, engineering and gas. 

The piece also highlights EU-OSHA’s current Healthy Workplaces Campaign, Safe and healthy work in the digital age, and includes a quote from interview with EU-OSHA’s Executive Director William Cockburn. He stated that “digitalisation in technology is not good or bad, the key determinant is how it is developed and put into practice and ensuring that risks are identified and managed”. 

Moreover, to continue raising awareness about this topic, Health & Safety Review has published a checklist titled ‘What to consider before implementing digitalisation in terms of OSH’. It covers 15 crucial points to address before enhancing digitalisation in the workplace.