Official Campaign Partners

Ornua Co-Operative Limited

Mission Statement

Ornua is an Irish dairy co-operative that markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its Member Co-operatives, Ireland’s dairy processors and, in turn, Irish dairy farmers. Headquartered in Dublin, Ornua is Ireland’s largest exporter of dairy products and has a strong global team of 3,000 employees, operating from 10 business units worldwide, including 15 production facilities.

For over six decades, we have proudly brought world-class food products to consumers in markets all around the world, enabled through our long-standing commitment to quality, innovation, safety, and sustainability. These principles are central to our business operations and our ongoing efforts to safeguard our people by ensuring a safe and healthy working environment across all our global operations.

Our campaign pledge

Our participation in the ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign focuses on three core pillars:

• Creating a safe and healthy workplace for all: We will actively embrace digitalisation while prioritising the wellbeing of our people. This includes implementing proactive measures to mitigate digital risks, ensuring appropriate training and support, and fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration.
• Becoming a model for the digital future: We believe that innovative safety practices and a commitment to employee wellbeing are essential for organisations to thrive in the digital age. We will share our learnings and best practices to contribute to the EU’s vision for a safer, greener, and more digitally inclusive future for all.
• Collaborating for a better tomorrow: We recognise that addressing these challenges effectively requires collective action. We are committed to actively participating in knowledge sharing, capacity building, and collaborative initiatives with other stakeholders to build a safer and healthier digital future for the entire dairy industry.




At Ornua, we are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment across all of our global operations. We recognise the positive impact digitalisation and digital transformation can have in enhancing workplace safety, collaboration and inclusivity. We are therefore proud to participate as a campaign partner, aligned to our commitment to building a future where technology empowers our people, strengthens our industry, and delivers greater outcomes for all.